Chiropractic is a health profession specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health.  Simply put: Chiropractors treat and prevent mechanical problems related to your back and neck and any other part of the musculoskeletal system.

The basic treatment offered by chiropractors is relatively quick and inexpensive.  The typical use of chiropractic care by knowledgeable patients is to seek care during flare-ups of pain and limiting the care to a few treatments per episode.  Another common use of chiropractic care is to seek periodic maintenance care in order to prevent flare-ups and promote optimal musculoskeletal health and performance.  Chiropractic care is therefore frequently less expensive than other treatment options where a series of examinations, medication and diagnostic procedures are often routinely utilized.

In South Africa the majority of medical schemes make provision for reimbursement of chiropractic services. The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act provides for complete reimbursement of cases treated by registered chiropractors.