Chiropractor performing part of the examination/treatment

Before treatment, every careful chiropractor will take a thorough case history to determine the nature and scope of your problem. Your chiropractor will then perform a full, pertinent physical and clinical examination. Once it has been determined that your particular case is safe to treat, and can be effectively treated using chiropractic care, your chiropractor will then begin treatment:

A problem understood is a problem halved

Chiropractic practitioners essentially rely upon non-invasive treatment methods. Treatment is done by hand and generally consists of well-practiced highly specialised manipulative techniques often referred to as adjustments. Such adjustments are performed by hand and consist of a high speed; low power thrust being applied to specific vertebra in the spine. Being gentle and specific, adjustments are safe and some patients can experience immediate relief as the normal joint motion is restored and nerve irritation is minimized. (Concerned about the safety of chiropractic? click here). Throughout the entire consultation, your chiropractor will carefully explain the nature of your problem, why and how treatment will help, and what can be expected in the days and weeks to come. Your chiropractor will refer you to medical practitioners should medication or surgery be indicated. This holistic approach is further reinforced by chiropractors in their promotion of good posture and healthy lifestyles such as the avoidance of smoking and excess stress, proper diet and exercise.