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At Hyde Park Chiropractic we believe in helping people relieve pain, improve joint movement, and overall functionality. 

We also believe that whilst Chiropractic Treatment is hugely beneficial, it is counterproductive if you are sleeping on a terrible mattress and pillow and working on an uncomfortable chair.

Luckily, we can help you and your family. We stock a variety of products to help you save time and money!

Simply browse through our list and place your order or email us with your product request: Chiropractic@telkomsa.net


Himalaya Rumalaya Gel

Himalaya Rumalaya Gel 30g is a powerful pain relief gel that will get you moving again in no time. The topical treatment will take care of sore and stiff muscles as well as swollen joints.

Cloud 9

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine manufactures premium quality foam mattresses and upholstered bases

Each mattress is designed with care and is suitable for back sufferers as they ensure stable spinal support

SnugBug Logo

Snug Bug

Snug Bug is a South African Company and they are proud of the items they manufacture for your comfort and pain relief, commonly referred to as wheat bags, thermal comforters, thermal soothers, heat packs, microwave wheat bags, or simply heat bags.

They may also serve as a safer alternative to hot-water bottles to provide warmth and comfort in winter.

herbal soothe

Herbal Soothe

Herbal Soothe is a great product that contains herbal extract infused adhesive plasters provide up to 12 hours of relief from pain

Pain and inflammation, Muscular aches and joint pain
Improves circulation

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Rest Assured

Rest Assured

Rest Assured plays an important role in the daily lives of over a million people across South Africa today.

We can assist with ordering you a Coil Mattresses, Spring beds, and more

Office and Home Chairs


Did you know that 87% of users suffering from sitting-related pain reported a reduction in symptoms after using our chairs? Our range of ergonomic office chairs are all designed by our founder, entrepreneurial physiotherapist Gary Arenson, and offer exceptional back support and comfort  during long periods of seated work

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