Natalie Arkin Chiropractor

Dr Natalie Arkin

Dr Natalie Arkin

MTC(SA) CASA, Practice No. 0188549

Natalie graduated as a chiropractor in 2000 from TWR, now part of the University of Johannesburg.  She moved to the UK where she worked with London’s leading back and neck pain specialists as part of the Sayer Clinics.  After gaining 4 years of experience in this well-established setting, Natalie moved back to South Africa in 2005 in order to take over Hyde Park Chiropractic.

Having a keen interest in keeping up-to-date with international chiropractic standards, she continued to further her education in the UK, and continues to do so in South Africa.  With a special interest in paediatric chiropractic, Natalie regularly treats babies, toddlers and young children.  As part of her holistic approach to healing and wellness, she makes use of visceral (organ) manipulation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, soft tissue therapy and dry needling.

Many of Natalie’s patients receive regular chiropractic maintenance care – an approach which greatly enhances quality of life, maintains flexibility and function, promotes peak athletic performance and helps avoid aches and pains.  Natalie is active and sporty, which has placed her in the unique and advantageous position of being able to provide effective chiropractic care for sports enthusiasts.