Dr. Natalie Arkin

M.Tech Chiro (SA)
CASA Member

Who Am I?​

A Few Words About Me​

Dr. Natalie Arkin is a registered Chiropractor who has over 20 years of Chiropractic experience.

After graduating from the University of Johannesburg in 2000, she set out on her journey by practicing at Sayer Clinic in central London before returning to Johannesburg South Africa in 2005 where she opened her own Practice in Hyde Park.

Natalie approaches her clients with a compassionate and holistic approach. She treats her patients based on their mechanical, functional, emotional, and postural make-up.

She incorporates Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, soft tissue work, and dry needling, along with chiropractic manipulation to ensure better Chiropractic results for all her clients, regardless of age.

Natalie has also taken a particular interest in treating pregnant women, and their newborn babies.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys keeping active by participating in several running events as well as spending quality time with her Husband and two Daughters.

Damian Photo

Dr. Damian Havemann

M.Tech Chiro (SA)
CASA member 
PCSA member 
Chirosport SA member 


Who Am I?​

A Few Words About Me​

Dr Damian Havemann is a registered chiropractor who graduated Cum Laude from the University of Johannesburg. During his studies, he was invited to join the Golden Key International Honors Society based on his high academic achievement. 

Whilst at university he took a keen interest in paediatrics, working at the Ethembeni Children’s Orphanage, volunteering at Nkosi’s Haven and completing professional development courses to broaden his knowledge. 

He worked field, track and poolside at several sporting events including the 94.7 cycle tournament, The Battle, KES and CANSA water polo festivals. This allowed Damian to gain valuable experience and approaches in treating a vast array of sporting injuries. 

Damian assesses each patient holistically and has a strong biopsychosocial approach. He utilizes Chiropractic manipulation and mobilisation of the spine and extremity joints, as well as dry needling and soft tissue work treating. Damian is RockBlade certified and uses instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation as part of his treatment.

In his free time, he coaches as a Swim SA swimming instructor, plays tennis, enjoys trail running, and loves to work on his cooking skills creating healthy vegan dishes. 


Andrew J Johnson

Human Potential Institute Coach

Who Am I?​

A Few Words About Me​

Andrew J Johnson is an accredited Human Potential Institute Coach.

He works with clients from all over the world to recraft and co-create lives with joy, meaning, and purpose.

Coaching creates the opportunity for you to recognise the tactics, routines, and practices that will allow you to turn the information overload and overwhelm, characterised by the world we live in, in your favor.

Andrew will give you practical tools that create the space to be present, to make decisions, and to take the actions that will steadily move you towards YOUR desired outcomes.

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